New Event Trends Coming to You in 2020

One of the biggest priorities for event companies like Mugwump is to create on-trend events, unlike anything our clients have seen. 2019 saw some incredible advancements in event technology, elegant fabric treatments, and breathtaking tablescapes. Our goal for 2020 is to build upon these tried-and-true elements with even more swoon-worthy trends:

Bring the Beautiful Outdoors Inside Your Venue

Give your indoor space all of the beloved characteristics of an outdoor event with none of the unpredictable weather or itchy insects.

  • Bistro/string and gobos lighting: These favorite outdoor lighting choices are just as effective for indoor venue decor. Use bistro/string clients to create a twinkling, romantic aesthetic in the main venue or entry hall. Gobos lighting is a popular way to customize your event with a logo, monogram, or design of your choice. Use this lighting option to draw attention to the dance floor.
  • Over-the-top greenery: There’s just nothing like vibrant greenery and carefully selected garland placed around the venue. While 2019 was focused on creative tablescapes, we think it’s time to take florals to a new level. Wrapped stairway banisters, custom greenery-coated bars, and boxwood hedge walls are ideas we love for the new year.
  • Bright florals and reinvented table runners: Combining greenery like ivy and eucalyptus with elegant flowers will never go out of style. We love the idea of mixing these two staples with fragrant citrus for a new look going into 2020. It’s important to work with a highly experienced florist to create this unique look.

Bold, Custom Signage is Back and Here to Stay

Custom event signage for your corporate gathering, private ceremony, or casual luncheon will be even more relevant in the new year. Depending on the type of event you plan to host, it’s also fun to incorporate digital signs into the more traditional signage options.

Buzz walls, for example, are a great way to encourage guests to use your event hashtag and project their pictures for everyone to see. Classic options, like elegant script on distressed wood, are just as relevant in 2020 as they are in 2019.

Select a Theme to Excite Your Guests

Event companies saw a lot of the “non-theme themes” in 2019. Next year is all about adding excitement in every element of your event, and that starts with the event planning process. Themed parties are notoriously good times for guests of all ages, and Mugwump certainly knows how to bring one together.

Plenty of traditional and on-trend themes will be commonplace at Jacksonville events next year. Because we’re entering the ‘20s again, we expect to see a resurgence of Gatsby and prohibition party themes. Also, the election year lends way to fun red, white, and blue-themed events with plenty of American elements throughout.


Create VIP Experiences Worth Raving About

It’s no secret people love to post online about what they’re doing. If you want photos from your gala, luncheon, or wedding shared on social media, it’s important to give guests/attendees a reason to post.

What do we mean, exactly? It’s all about creating exclusive share-worthy experiences that attendees can’t help but talk about. There are a few ways to ensure your event is worthy of your guests’ social media page. Notable entertainment, never-before-seen photo opportunities (think sweeping floral walls), and impressive branding are all eye-catching methods to excite your guests.

Trust Mugwump Productions with Your 2020 Event Line-Up

Our team of experienced Project Managers and Event Designers work diligently to create on-trend events all year round. Whatever you have planned for 2020, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us today to get started.