How to Incorporate Guest Interaction at Your Event

Jacksonville’s event planning industry has grown and evolved over the years. It’s more important than ever to use beautiful fabric treatments, custom 3D props, and breathtaking floral designs to truly wow your guests. The professional event planners at Mugwump Productions make it our mission to turn your unique vision into a world-class event or celebration.


Break Tradition to Improve the Experience

Just because something has been done the same way forever, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best way to do it! Our team loves to constantly think of fun, creative ideas to take your wedding, corporate event or holiday party to the next level.


If increasing guest interaction is your goal, a great place to start is with modern event trends guaranteed to impress your guests.

Introduce an Event Theme that Encourages Interaction

Certain party themes are notorious for taking an event to the next level. One of our favorite ways to customize an event is to incorporate fun props that clearly define a theme.

Take Traditional Decor Options One Step Further

The goal of event hosts and event planners alike is to create a beautiful experience that begins the minute a guest arrives. From custom welcome signage to larger-than-life fabric treatments, you have so many decor options to transform your venue.

  • Strategically use fabric treatments to make the venue space feel more intimate and warm
  • Use custom 3D props to create fun photo ops for your guests
  • Work with our expert florist for fun floral decor to liven up any event!


Work With Jacksonville’s Event Decor and Design Professionals

The best way to create an enjoyable, interactive event experience is to work with Jacksonville’s event planning experts. Over a decade of experience as event planners have given us the reputation for creating incredible events that guests love. Chat with the Mugwump team today to get started on your upcoming event.