5 Important Precautions for Post-Pandemic Events

Event Planning Considerations Post-Pandemic

Providing a Safe Environment For Your Attendees

The safety and peace of mind of your attendees have never been more crucial than they are today. Pre-pandemic standards of safety just won’t cut it for a post-COVID event. From sanitation stations to social distance seating, the Mugwump event professionals in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, Florida are here to help you navigate the path to a healthy event. Here are five crucial measures to implement in your upcoming gathering:

Fully Equipped Sanitation Stations at Around the Venue

Health hubs stocked with hand sanitizer, gloves and masks are about to be a staple for events of all sizes. If you want to encourage guests to attend your events, offering these simple healthcare items will help clear their concern. Depending on your venue, it may be necessary to set up a few of these stations to promote frequent use. Another great idea is to give event staff their own private station.


Skip Traditional Mail and Stick to Digital Correspondence

Minimizing contact through electronic invites is a great way to make your guests feel safe. Another bonus? It’s a whole lot more cost-effective! E-vites are appropriate for gatherings of all kinds and trusted digital platforms make the process easier than ever. Stylish and practical options include Paperless Post, Evite, Minted, and more.


Nix the Buffet and Opt for a Seated Meal

Serve-yourself-buffets and community-style dining are soon to disappear from the event circuit (at least for a while). We expect multi-course meals in a traditional format to be the go-to for events of all kinds. Don’t jump to conclusions that your meal has to be boring, though! Small dishes from exciting cuisines can take your guests on an adventure through food, drink pairings and dish descriptions.


Ample Spacing Between Seats

It’s smart to continue social distancing even after quarantine is lifted. As Jacksonville eases out of our stay-at-home restrictions, a six-foot social distance is one precaution that should continue. Use this new norm to guide you when creating seating arrangements. Spaced chairs, smaller rows, and wider aisles are great ways to keep your guests healthy.

Trust Your Vendor Partners to Sanitize their Rentals

It’s more important than ever to hire companies you know and trust. Before you put down a deposit or place an order, we recommend you ask the company about their cleaning procedures. How often are event rentals sanitized? Do employees wear gloves and masks? Simple questions like these may help reduce contamination.
The smartest thing you can do is partner with a local company that prioritizes healthy and successful outcomes. That’s where Mugwump Productions comes in. Contact our team of trained experts to bring your upcoming event ideas to life.