3 Tips for Planning a Summer Event

Everything just feels a little more magical and easygoing between May and September in Jacksonville. Work is less stressful and the family’s happier when weekends are spent at the beach and parties are outdoors. Event planning companies all around FL look forward to summer for many reasons. From great indoor/outdoor venues to fun decor options, take advantage of unique seasonal perks when planning your upcoming wedding, corporate event, or dinner party.

With the bright sunshine and warm weather come a few challenges. Here are the Mugwump team’s top tips for making the most of your summer event:
Festivals, family vacations, and 5K races will quickly fill your attendees’ calendars. Avoid any conflicting local events by simply planning ahead. Check the city of Jacksonville and the beaches’ event calendars to find a free day for your event.
You won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s schedule, but you can do your best to pick a date that doesn’t coincide with another important event. Local event planning companies like Mugwump are well-versed in local happenings. Chat with your full-service event planner for help choosing the perfect day for your specific event.
Unlike events during the crisp fall and winter, asking about details like air conditioning strength will make or break the guest experience. If you want your guests to freely flow between the indoor and outdoor areas, inquiring about walkways and wayfinding signs is crucial.
Certain checklist items like these can get tedious. When you work with the Mugwump event planning team, you won’t believe how easy and fun the process can actually be. We take care of the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to! Our professionals work closely with you to make sure every decor and design element is exactly what you envision.
No matter the nature of your event, there’s a strong possibility you’ll work with multiple vendors that need time to set up and tear down. If your party takes place outside in Jacksonville or surrounding FL areas, the sun, humidity, and heat can really take a toll on workers.
Loading and unloading heavy materials like props, stage setups, and furniture is difficult in 100-plus-degree weather. Even hanging lights and setting tables can be difficult in the middle of a hot day. A great way to simplify these processes is to ask the venue about an early morning setup and a late teardown. This is a simple solution that prevents heat exhaustion, dehydration, and a frustrated staff.
There are countless event planning companies around Jacksonville, but it’s crucial to partner with one who can create your vision and has a proven track record. Mugwump Productions brings events of all kinds to life, and that includes yours.

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