3 Can’t-Miss Millennial Event Trends You Should Try

Your guests have busy schedules throughout the year. Between weddings, trade shows, and dinner parties, it’s easy to throw an event that simply blends in with the rest. We’re here to help you stand out on your guests’ crowded calendars!


Successful party planning and event execution require a pulse on the latest industry trends. No matter the event you’re planning, there’s something for everyone on this list of can’t-miss millennial event trends.

Every Stage of the Event Has to Stand Out


From the invites to the hors-d’oeuvres, it’s crucial to make your event unique in the minds of your guests. Easier said than done, of course. Plenty of research shows people of all ages are more likely to spend their money on experiences rather than items. Keep this desire for event-based experiences in mind when working with party planning pros to bring yours to life.

1. Trade in Traditional Invites and Go Digital Instead

This modern money-saving tip is applicable for every type of event, except for traditional weddings. Take advantage of digital invites and social media platforms to generate a buzz for your event.

Going digital is also a great way to collect the contact information of your attendees. During the actual event, encourage guests to post about their experience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The more you focus on the digital aspect, the more people will learn about your cause or company.

2. Invest in High-Quality Foods and Drinks

People are often more inclined to attend an event if they anticipate an open bar or catering from a local restaurant. Serving up the good stuff doesn’t have to cost the big bucks, either. Consider partnering with a local brewery or food truck to keep costs low and interest levels high.

Want to take it one step further? An immersive experience for your guests like a cooking class or sommelier-lead wine tasting is an unexpected twist to traditional event offerings. If there’s a theme to your event like Arabian Nights or Around the World, bring in food trucks or vendors to highlight food and drink specialties that fit the theme.

3. Offer Your Guests an Upgraded Experience

If there’s a VIP or all-inclusive ticket option, it’s human nature for your attendees to be curious about what they might be missing. Provide your guests with an exclusive ticket option that boasts access to complimentary drinks, meet and greets with speakers, and valet parking — you get the idea.


Two main concepts to keep in mind when offering exclusive tickets:


  • How can you enhance the overall experience? The goal of a VIP package is to offer exactly what the attendee wants at the exact price they’re willing to pay.
  • How can you remove potentially frustrating aspects of the experience? Perks like valet parking and mellow VIP spaces are often sought-after benefits not included with the price of general admission.

Appeal to Your Attendees in Just the Right Ways


Event planning is a honed skill that requires innovation and creativity. People can choose to fill their time a million different ways — it’s our job to make your event the one they want to attend.

Whether you work with Mugwump Productions for your wedding or a corporate event, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to put together an event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Chat with us today to get started on your next big event.