Multi-Day Glow Themed Bat Mitzvah

Glow theme takes on Jacksonville Bat Mitzvah!

Bright and fun décor – everything you’d want during a Bat Mitzvah celebration! The after-service luncheon and dinner at the Jacksonville Jewish Center kicked off the celebration weekend. The next night’s celebratory glow party was at the Deerwood Country Club, decorated with blacklights, glowing orbs, a dance floor, games, and customized bars and t-shirts.

Blacklights, glow orbs, customized glow bars, & more!

Walking into the event is a fabric treatment that leads to a customized board for guests to sign. The glow orb centerpieces in the entrance common area coordinate with the centerpieces in the dining room ballroom. The dining room was filled with table setups, bright colored uplighting and gobos, blacklights, a white dance floor, glow sticks, and high boy LED tables. On top of the glow décor, some key features of this night included: a customized glow bar graphic with matching t-shirts, a hand wax stand, a live DJ, and a photobooth.