Top 10 Tips to Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are always one for the books! Beautiful scenery, and warm sandy beaches – it’s the perfect setting for a day to remember. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or you have hired an amazing planner, here are our 10 best tips for making sure that your beach wedding is one to remember!


1.) Public vs Private

Thinking about that popular beach spot? Just remember that public beach access means that people are free to roam the shores as they normally would! If you have picked your date during peak beach season you may have strangers walking by your ceremony, kids laughing and screaming, and music playing in the background. Try moving up or down the coastline from that central hotspot and the traffic will be less intense and there will be fewer people in the surrounding area.

2.) Mother Nature

Here in Florida, we know one rule for weather – it changes by the hour! It could be sunny one minute and downpour the next. Make sure that you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. If possible, plan your ceremony in the morning or in the late afternoon – chances are higher that you will miss that afternoon shower!

Another key factor to remember is the tide. When is high tide? Is there enough beach at high tide to fit everyone? You or our planner should be looking into these and keeping up-to-date records of this so that you can make any last-minute adjustments as needed!

Planning an evening ceremony? Make sure to check when the sunset is!

The last thing that you would want is to start the ceremony early or late and miss the beautiful sunset backdrop!


3.) Think Like a Guest!

One thing to do is to think about the questions you had as a guest for another wedding: Where do I park? Are there clear directions to get to the beach access? Make sure that your guests have an easy time making it to your ceremony and reception space. If you’re having a beach wedding at a public access parking may be your worst enemy! Think about this ahead of time and see if you can work with a local business or lot to reserve the whole lot for your guests!

4.) Bathroom Breaks

If you get married away from the central hub at the beach, bathrooms may be few and far between! Be sure to ask city officials when getting your permit about restroom access and the closest to your location.


5.) Can You Hear Me Now?

Something that we hear all the time from brides is that their biggest fear is that guests will not hear anything from the ceremony. No matter how good you are at projecting your voice, a small sound system is always a good idea! Facing the waves crashing and the wind blowing can take even the loudest of voices to a whisper. Guests are coming to celebrate your love together and they want to enjoy these moments with you, make sure that they can hear you!


6.) But What Will I Wear?

Planning to wear a ball gown and stilettos to your ceremony? It’s hard enough to walk through glass in heels let alone through sand! Be sure to think about things like how loose or fitted your dress is and wearing heels vs flats or sandals. A suggestion that we always offer is to add boardwalk pieces so that you and your bridal party do not have to trek so hard in the sand – and it also adds to the tropical beach ambiance for the wedding!

7.) Permissions

Check with your local city government to see whether you need to get a permit for beach access or not. Some cities require one and others do not. It is a quick and easy form to fill out and it also gives you a great opportunity to ask some of the questions we discussed above!


8.) Dress Code

What does someone wear to a beach wedding? Are you expecting guests to be in suits and gowns or something more tropical and flowy? Establishing a good idea of what you want guests to wear will help them, in the end, be more comfortable and enjoy the big day with you!


9.) Think About Theme!

Going all white at the beach? Or fulfilling your mermaid dreams since childhood? Think about the overall look of the wedding and tie those elements into all of the aspects! Adding a wispy fabric draped ceremony arbor, or tropical bamboo chairs for guests on the beach helps tie little touches together to give an overall feel! Don’t be afraid to go overboard and fully embrace whatever theme and color palette of your choosing for the big day!

10.) Don’t Forget the Little Things!

Little things are sometimes taken for granted when you have a beach wedding. Providing small bottles of water for the guests at the ceremony, or small fans for the afternoon heat add those caring touches that let guests know that you are thinking about them!