National Candle Day: Trending Centerpiece

National Candle Day: Trending Centerpiece Style for Your Wedding

When thinking of wedding centerpieces, the first thing to come to mind is usually floral. However with floral comes a price tag that may not fit into your budget. On this national candle day we want to bring candles to you as an alternative. Candles can be used in a variety of ways to create voluminous centerpieces that will leave your guests breathless.

Here we’ve created a candle centerpiece using different sized pillar, votive, taper candles and tea lights to create an eye catching array. The warm glow from this centerpiece creates an incredibly romantic feeling that will illuminate any venue.

When using real candles, the biggest thing to keep in mind is safety. It’s important to talk with your wedding planner early on to find out your venue’s rules on open flames. If you love the appearance of candles, but your venue doesn’t allow it, battery-powdered flameless candles are a solid alternative that will deliver the same warm glow.