Is a Micro Wedding Right for You? What to Consider if You Plan to Keep it Small

The pandemic forces wedding planners and love-struck couples in Jacksonville to rethink the traditional ceremony and reception. Maximum capacity guidelines and a yearning to keep guests safe are at the forefront of event strategy. Whether you’re reworking your extravagant plans or you’re simply drawn to the idea of a micro wedding, Mugwump is here with some ideas you’ll love.

1. An intimate ceremony doesn’t have to mean a small reception


Our team frequently experiences this common misconception. If you envision a small ceremony with just a few of your closest relatives, one of our micro wedding packages is likely right for you. Choose your desired aesthetic, decide on the right location and experience the romantic benefits of a low-key ceremony.

Make a grand entrance to your bustling ceremony with your newly betrothed. Surround yourself with dozens (or hundreds) of guests for the after-party, while the ceremony remains a private event shared by a select few. This is a great way to have your cake and eat it, too.

2. Seasonal florals add a whimsical touch


Just because you won’t have a crowd of guests doesn’t mean you can’t throw an exceptionally beautiful wedding. Work closely with your Mugwump event planner and our in-house to select greenery and flowers that fit your theme and elevate the experience.

A lavish floral arch is one of our favorite ways to customize any ceremony. Often, a shorter guest list gives you more freedom to spend money on the things you love. Bright flowers, for example, add an air of romance and a sense of intimacy you’ll never forget.


3. Choose a venue that’s special to you and your significant other


Another perk of a micro wedding is the number of venues from which you can choose. While many couples have to research locations that can accommodate a lengthy guest list, you can simply pick a spot on the map that suits you as a couple. From beachside ceremonies to rooftop receptions, we recommend you get creative with your vision.

Most public areas and private commercial spaces can accommodate a micro wedding with little to no issue. Your Mugwump team of professionals can help you choose the perfect spot for you and your significant other.

4. Include your guests in the ceremony


An intimate ceremony allows every guest to feel like they’re a part of the procession. When you keep your guest list to 10 or fewer, it’s fun to offer each person an important role. Offer a quote or verse to certain attendees with whom you feel closest. The rest of your wedding party will enjoy throwing flower petals at the end of the ceremony to celebrate your love.

Explore Your Micro Wedding Possibilities with the Guidance of Mugwump’s Wedding Professionals


Our impressive team includes custom prop builders, expert planners, and master florists. Mugwump is the one-stop-shop for all of your wedding decor and event planning needs. Contact us today to bring your wedding ideas to life. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!