5 Flower Girl Alternatives For Your Florida Wedding

5 Unique Alternatives to Having a Flower Girl at Your Wedding

The appearance of flower girls in the wedding is a long-held tradition dating back to ancient Rome where flower girls were young virgins who carried wheat during the wedding ceremony. It was believed to bring prosperity and fertility to the bride and groom. Centuries later during the Renaissance, flower girls carried strands of garlic based on the belief that it repelled evil spirits and bad luck. The Victorian era is when flower girls began to look like modern day flower girls.

In today’s 21st century wedding scene, some couples are finding alternatives to having a flower girl. Whether the couple doesn’t have a little girl in their life to fill the role or they’re looking for something new to set them apart. We’ve rounded up 5 unique alternatives to having a flower girl at your wedding.

(1) Pre-Decorate the Aisle with Petals

Line the aisle with flower petals right before the ceremony. Have the petals arranged into your initials, a heart or any other design.

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(2) Choose a Male Friend

Bold couples have no problem getting the men involved in the wedding. If your guest list is adults only, having a close male friend fulfill the role of flower girl can be entertaining.

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(3) Include Your Pet

If your pet is well-trained, have them walk down the aisle as the “flower girl” or “ring-bearer”. This will be an adorable sight for your guests and is an amazing way to include your four-legged family member on your special day.

Photo by [Heather Hawkins – http://www.heatherhawkinsphoto.com]

(4) Include your grandmother(s)

When creating the guest list, some brides and grooms prefer inviting adults only. While this choice eliminates the traditional flower girl, you don’t have to abandon the idea. Ask your grandmother or another older woman from your wedding party to take on the job. It’s a great honor that’ll photograph beautifully.

Photo by [Ashley Elizabeth Phtography – https://people.com/celebrity/bride-and-groom-invite-their-grandmas-to-be-flower-girls/]

(5) Have a Baby in a Wagon

Is your flower girl not old enough to walk? Put her in a decorated wagon!

Photo by [Style Me Pretty] – PINTEREST: When a Florist Designs Her OWN Wedding…Umm, Wow.