From ZOOM to BOOM!

Impactful events that mix virtual and in-person elements

When in-person events finally resume, attendance will start off limited, and social distancing practices will have to be in play. Incorporating virtual elements into live events will be critical to the success of the event, not only for the companies but also for the attendees. The world will forever be changed from these past few months and it is important to stay ahead of the curve in event planning. Here are a few things our team believes should be considered to successfully mix elements to create hybrid events that can still WOW!

Design Your Event Stages as a Studio

Take full advantage of the space you are using for your next event. The layout and setup you design will really set the scene for the event and have a huge impact on the success. Follow these important tips below to know how to fully utilize the space you are working with.

  • The different sets of your stage not only need to look good for those in person, but they need to be able to translate well on virtual platforms. If you can please both types of audiences you will be ahead of the game!
  • Think of your event space as a “studio” when you are setting up both the scene and the lighting. When live events are set up, the sets are staged the same way as a theater performance – there is a single plane of interest that the entire audience can see no matter where they are sitting. For virtual events, you have the advantage of being able to put the camera anywhere you want which reduces a lot of limitations that come with a live event. You can create one set with different areas, or you can create different sets altogether.
  • Don’t forget to finetune your spaces with different themes and props to ensure that you aren’t losing the necessary intimacy. Don’t skimp on these aspects just because your event is virtual – go all out just as you would for any live event! Trust us, your attendees will appreciate it.

Move Your Event Outdoors

Everyone loves a good outdoor event, especially when the weather is perfect. Plus, outdoor venues are a great way to hold an event and social distance. Here’s how you can transform your event into a masterpiece while also following necessary guidelines.

  • Set up communal tables and a few extra bars to prevent overcrowding in one area. No one likes a crowded bar anyways – it’s a win-win!
  • String lighting is a great touch to change the whole tone of the event. It can make the space and event feel more intimate or create a defined space where one didn’t exist before.
  • Set up an area dedicated to a “virtual happy hour” – you can include an in-person lounge at the reception where attendees can mingle in person as well as virtually with anyone who isn’t in attendance.

Health-Focused Events Make for Happy Attendees

With all that is happening in the world right now, health is an utmost priority and it is important to proactively implement health practices in all that is done. If you can ensure that attendees will feel healthy and safe, the rest will come easy. Here are some of our best practices for health-focused events.

  • Make sure hand sanitizer is readily available all over and there are dedicated stations where it can be found – It is also a great idea to include it in registration bags or any goodies you provide to your attendees.
  • Use virtual games to network and meet with attendees, like Family Feud, Bingo, Pictionary, etc. – Plus, fun games are a great way to break the ice and get to know each other better.
  • As masks are becoming more expected, make it a creative part of the event. Have attendees design a mask that expresses their personality – you can even use it as a branding opportunity!
  • In order to limit touchpoints at your event, attendees can use their personal devices instead. With this change, you must ensure that there is a strong signal and wifi to access.

From an intimate luncheon to a company gala we know everyone is yearning for social interaction and we are here to make it happen with all of the appropriate precautions. With the help of Mugwump Productions, your next event can set the precedent for future hybrid live events. Mix in all of these innovative virtual elements and your event is sure to WOW your attendees.