Top 5 Considerations when Throwing a Fundraising Gala

A successful gala fundraiser all starts with a clear-cut plan. With goals in mind and the right team in your corner, your next nonprofit event is bound to be incredible. The Mugwump event planning experts are well-versed in Jacksonville’s fundraising scene. From high-dollar galas to low-maintenance BBQs, what you get out of the event is a direct result of the effort you put in. If you’re in charge of an upcoming fundraising gala, we’re here with everything you need to know to make it a success. 

Determine the Budget and Goals

No matter the project you’re about to take on — from a home remodel to a lavish event — it’s crucial to start with an itemized budget and list of fundraising goals. Many people are unsure where to even begin when budgeting for a gala. That’s where your experienced event planner comes in. 


Our experts often recommend that you splurge on the guest experience above all else. It’s important to make your potential donors feel valued every step of the evening. While fundraising galas are certainly a celebration, their purpose ultimately lies in donations. 

Choose a Theme 

All-out theme parties are a huge trend in 2020. While the agreeable non-theme theme took over the last few years, party planners everywhere are excited to embrace fresh ideas. Some of our favorite themes include Hollywood Nights, A Night in Athens, and Wild West. 


Themed galas allow your guests to escape for an evening. When people release their inhibitions and allow themselves to have fun, there’s a far better chance for your event to be financially successful. 


Finalize Sponsorships 

It’s crucial to carefully select every single one of your vendor partners. The companies and individuals associated with your cause should align with the mission and contribute to your vision.

When a sponsor comes on board, it should be with the intent to create a long-term partnership. Creating a sense of stability and a clear direction strengthens your donor’s viewpoint of your foundation/organization.

Determine AV Needs

This is one of those behind-the-scenes essentials that every event needs but no one immediately prioritizes. Everything from the sound system you use to the screens you select falls under this very important category. 


Our in-house audiovisual experts will help you make decisions that fit your budget and meet your needs. The equipment you rent and services you require all come down to the venue, number of guests, and event flow. 

Decide on Decor 

Every curated event requires beautiful decor. Whether you gravitate toward custom 3D props or minimal lighting design, Mugwump is here to elevate your event through refined decor.

We’ll help create the perfect decor for your fundraising gala to fit your theme and excite the crowd. Take a look at some of our best work and talk with our team about what you have in mind. 

Partner with the Right Professionals to Bring Your Event to Life

Mugwump’s team of event planning experts, floral designers, 3D prop architects, and AV specialists have the experience and know-how to make your gala one to remember. We understand that the goals of a fundraising gala go beyond the experience. From raising funds for a special cause to supporting local organizations, our team is here to help you thrive this event season. 


Contact Mugwump Productions today to get started on your next Jacksonville event.