How to Create an Unforgettable VIP Experience

VIP events are seemingly a dime a dozen in Jacksonville. People frequently advertise exclusive experiences but often don’t have the offerings to back it up. If you or your company have begun to consider this fun event tactic, you’ll need a whole lot of creativity and know-how on your side. The good news is, Mugwump has an incredible amount of experience bringing unparalleled VIP events to the Jacksonville area. Here are a few ways we do it:

Keep the Party Going with Complimentary Drinks

If you’re worried this will blow your budget, we have a couple of clever ways to keep it cost-effective. Providing your guests with booze is one of the best ways to ensure the event is fun and the evening is lively. This post is all about how to throw an unforgettable event, and that means it’s time to nix the idea of drink tickets or a cash bar. 

Many VIP events come at a price for the guest. If you plan to charge for tickets, it’s easy to pack the estimated beverage price into the attendance rate. If your event requires an invitation but is free to attend, we recommend sticking to beer and wine to stay on budget. An open bar quickly becomes costly when liquor is involved. 

Automatically Enter Your Guests in Fun Giveaways

It’s a hassle for your guests to enter into a raffle and keep track of their tickets. Skip the tedious part and head straight to the main event — the giveaway. When the mingling dies down a bit and the meal is served, commandeer the microphone for some unexpected announcements. 

Make it worth your guests’ attention, of course. Unforgettable giveaways include weekend trips, concert tickets, and unique experiences. Your attendees will get a rush of excitement when they realize they’re in the running and didn’t have to enter into the raffle. 

Send Your Guests Home with Personalized Favors

No one can resist the rush of seeing their name on something. If you opt for unique party favors, we recommend thinking long and hard about the item(s) you give. If you’re throwing a party for a company, resist the urge to give out branded items. 

Instead, opt for favors your guests can actually use. A small — yet effective — token of appreciation with your guest’s name keeps your event top of mind for years. Fun ideas include a bottle of wine with a custom label and an engraved high-quality pen. 

Take Away the Planning Stress and Partner with Jacksonville’s Best

We’re here to make your life easy and your event amazing, it’s as simple as that. The Mugwump Productions team has 25 years of experience creating incredible VIP events around Jacksonville. Contact our event planning professionals today to begin planning your exclusive event experience.