How to Choose the Right Corporate Event Entertainment

Company-hosted events are a great place to swap business cards and discuss new project ideas, but they should also encourage coworkers to let loose in an out-of-office setting. The goal of any company in Jacksonville is to create an event experience that employees talk about for months. How can you do that, exactly? It all starts with the right event rentals and a spot-on entertainment choice.

3 Tips on Hiring an Entertainer Your Guests Will Love

No matter the structure or purpose of your event, the event rentals and entertainment will take center stage. From an exciting casino party to a formal awards gala, the Mugwump team is here to help you select entertainment that brings your evening to the next level.

Research and Interview the Potential Entertainment

Especially with a corporate event, it’s crucial to meet with entertainers first to make sure they’re up to your company’s standards. The last thing you want is to expose your guests to a less-than-professional or inappropriate entertainment choice.

Check out the potential entertainers on social media, too. Their Facebook and Instagram will say a lot about how they present themselves. When you meet with potential entertainers, ask important questions. Does the performer speak to guests over the microphone? If so, what kind of commentary can you expect?

Schedule a Sound and Staging Check at the Venue

Coordinate with the entertainer and the venue to test lighting, sound, and performance location. Mugwump event planners recommend scheduling this check as early in the planning process as possible.

It’s important to work out any kinks well in advance to ensure a smooth day of the event. Bring your event planner along for the run-through to make sure you receive answers to all of the important questions.

Ensure the Entertainment Accurately Reflects Your Brand

Most entertainers post pictures from their gigs to social media. This can be great for your company’s brand awareness! Take every necessary precaution during your research stage to make sure this is an entertainer with whom you’re okay the company is affiliated.

Great Entertainment and Event Rentals Start With Mugwump

Our team works diligently to bring amazing event decor and bespoke entertainment to corporate events around Jacksonville. We partner with the most trusted entertainers in the area to make sure your event is unforgettable and professional.

“Great company! Easy to work with. They listen to your ideas and needs and then put together a proposal that incorporates what you asked for as well as some great additions to enhance your event. We have enjoyed working with Mugwump Productions.”

– Jeff T., Venue Director at Friday Musicale

Does your company need guidance navigating the confusing world of entertainment selection? Mugwump is here to help. Chat with our professional event planners today.