How Ceiling and Fabric Treatments Can Change Your Venue

Beautiful events take a whole lot of effort. Your guests may think everything came together quickly and seamlessly, but no detail goes unnoticed when it comes to event decor. From the venue ceiling to its floors, Mugwump event planners use clever design tactics to transform any Jacksonville event space you choose. If your event vision doesn’t match the venue aesthetic, ceiling and fabric treatments are the answer. Here are our favorite ways to put these elements to use in the new year:

Drape the Ceiling to Add Drama and Depth

Many large-scale events around Jacksonville take place in enormous ballrooms, event halls or convention centers. If you aren’t absolutely in love with the shape, style or color of your venue’s ceiling, then elegant ceiling drapery is the fix. 

The drape design is completely up to you. Your experienced event planner will help select the perfect color, material and design to elevate your event theme. No matter the type of fabric you choose, it’s always fun to think creatively when hanging the drapes. 

It’s our job to transform the ceiling without blocking fire exits or sprinklers and following all safety requirements. Here are the most popular ceiling drapery designs for events of all types and sizes:


  • Starburst: The drape pattern begins in the center of the room or dancefloor and form in a starburst pattern outward toward the walls (we customize the number of “points” based on the size of the space and your design preference)
  • Bowtie: This pattern also starts in the center of the room or dancefloor, but is created to look like a giant bowtie when your guests look up at the ceiling
  • Linear: The drapery hangs across the ceiling in a straight line to provide maximum coverage of the ceiling
  • Spiderweb: This one is exactly what it sounds like — the drapes flow across the ceiling in multiple directions to create a web-like look

Winter Wonderland Decor

Full Perimeter Pipe and Drape to Fully Transform the Space

First things first, it’s important to clarify what “pipe and drape” means in the world of event decor. This upright fabric treatment option uses adjustable aluminum poles (pipes) to support the vertical drapery. The height of the poles ranges from seven-feet to 16 feet. 

Wraparound pipe and drape completely changes the look of a venue space. Pipe and drape can be used as a simple backdrop or as wall masking. In this scenario, the role of full perimeter drapery is to hide undesirable walls and block certain areas of the venue from the guest’s view. 

Are you only using a portion of the venue space? Pipe and drape acts as a false wall to hide certain parts of the room, if needed. While this fabric treatment may seem simple enough, it’s important to partner with a professional to create a high-quality design. 

Artsy Drape Designs Act as Photo Backdrops

We love when our clients get creative with ceiling and fabric treatments! Drapery is a beautiful backdrop at the end of the aisle during a wedding ceremony, but it also can play more subtle roles. For example, you can use vibrant, strategically placed drapery to create your own photo booth area. Here are a few more unconventional ways to put fabric treatments to use:

  • Archway: Just like flower arches, fabric arches create a timeless yet dramatic look for the end of the aisle or the entry to your venue. Work with your event planner to design a fabric arch that complements the venue layout. 
  • Gazebo with curtains: This is a clever way to make an outdoor event feel more intimate. We love the look of an elegant gazebo over a long dinner table with flowy taupe drapes sprawling across the top and fashioned into curtains along the side. 

Transform Your Venue with Mugwump’s On-Trend Event Designers

It’s our job to make venues look their best on the day of your event with carefully selected event decor. All of our Project Managers constantly create never-before-seen ways to invigorate Jacksonville events with ceiling and fabric treatments. 

 Is it your goal to throw one of the best events your guests will ever attend? The Mugwump team is here to get the job done. Contact us today to begin the planning process.