5 Ways to Make Your Big Wedding Feel Intimate

Weddings have slowly become large parties lacking the personal and intimate touch of a romantic ceremony. It wasn’t always this way. While your guest list may be lengthy, it’s important to make each guest feel welcome and included in the celebration. Just as importantly, the bride and groom must feel the decor, venue and overall celebration reflect their personal style.


Expert Tips to Turn Your Wedding Into an Intimate Celebration

 “Shrink” Your Large Venue

Many venues around Jacksonville and Port Orange are grand enough to accommodate your large guest list, but rarely do these venues feel inviting or intimate. That’s where our Event Planners, Project Managers, and design team come in. From the positioning of the altar to clever seating arrangements, there are plenty of tricks we use to improve the experience and make the guests feel included in the ceremony.

When the wedding reception comes to an end and the party gets going, we suggest soft and warm uplighting around the tables and dance floor. Create an intimate space by choosing a color palette that absorbs light. With the colors selected and the lights dim, the final step is to add plenty of flickering candles.

Good Lighting Goes a Long Way

While we’re on the topic of lighting, let’s keep in mind that it’s crucial to create a welcoming environment for guests. One of our event planners’ favorite ways to achieve this is by using dim and inviting lighting sources. This includes string lights, candles, lanterns, etc.

An intimate space is one that exudes softness and romance. With the technical knowledge of our AV brand, Sight & Sound Productions, we’re prepared to transform your venue into an inviting, romantic space for your celebration.

Long Farmhouse Tables

Let’s make your guests feel like they’re all part of your family with a family-style seating arrangement. Instead of dividing your guests into small circular tables, we suggest seating larger groups at long tables for an intimate evening.

Thanks to awkward seating arrangements and a few TV shows (we’re talking about you, Friends), round tables often get a bad rap. For example, the kids table, the dreaded singles table, the misfits table…the list goes on. The last thing we want to do is alienate guests. When everyone is invited to gather around a large table, guests will feel more included, equal, and welcome. Plus, long tables set the stage for some gorgeous tablescapes!

Low and Lush Centerpieces

Some brides say bigger is always better, but we’ve found elaborate and dramatic centerpieces often break up conversations and block guests from one another. Your tablescapes should be low and long to compliment the dining tables. To compensate for the lack of height, we suggest your tablescapes involve luxurious color schemes and lush floral decor. Warm tones and romantic tablescapes are key to creating an inviting atmosphere for your wedding reception.

Designated Relaxation Spaces

When you create smaller, intimate spaces within your large venue, you allow guests to get comfortable and take themselves away from the loud and overbearing crowds. Use couches, coffee tables and comfy chairs to create these small spots within your large venue.

Selfishly, this gives you and your spouse the opportunity to visit each “relaxation space” and thank everyone in that area. You’ll get face time with your guests and these intimate zones will make it feel much more personal.

That personal and intimate touch in a wedding is so important and we love to arrange wedding decor that suits your needs. Our event planners are highly experienced and prepared for weddings of all sizes. Jacksonville has some amazing venues, and your event planner will work closely with you and your spouse to tailor each venue into the intimate wedding you’ve always imagined. Reach out for expert recommendations on decor, lighting, and design.