5 Creative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

The same office event themes can get really old, really fast. Sure, you can get by with average food, decent speakers, and forced activities. But after a while, corporate events start to feel repetitive if the team in charge of event planning doesn’t get creative.  

If you’re responsible for organizing your next corporate event, we encourage you to think beyond the themes you’ve experienced in the past! Reignite the excitement in your office with these creative ideas, curated personally by the Mugwump team of event planning professionals.

Corporate Event Planning Requires the Expertise of Professionals

Every part of a professional engagement must be scheduled and thought through, down to the very last second. These types of events must maintain a delicate balance between office-approved activities and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to have fun.

The Welcome Reception Should Feel…Welcoming

Cocktail hour before the main event is a great time for coworkers to mingle and get to know each other outside of the office. Whether the event is at a dimly lit bar or a beautiful hotel, it’s important to focus plenty of time and energy on making the welcome reception the best it can be. Give your guests the gift of an interactive experience that enhances their small talk with these fun tips:


Loop In Some Local Artisans

Depending on the venue you choose, a fun wine and beer tasting from local vineyards and craft breweries can be a great addition. Not only is this a great way to support local businesses, but it gives your employees an opportunity to learn new things and have purposeful conversations.

If there’s already a fully stocked bar at the venue, consider offering themed drinks that pay homage to your company (Mugwump Mojito, anyone?) Our event planning professionals work closely with many local food and wine producers who have experience serving corporate events.


Play Up Your Theme in Creative Ways

Make the afternoon/evening feel like an escape with substantial decor, props, and party favors. For an event your guests won’t soon forget, take your underwater theme to the next level with live fish swimming inside the fish tank tables! You have to see it to believe it.

Fun ways to get your guests excited vary by theme, but great examples are Hawaiian leis given to each attendee, on-theme food options, and creative entertainment. Whatever theme you choose, we have the props and decor to bring it to life.

Encourage Energy Levels to Stay Elevated

Giveaways Your Guests Will Actually Love

Instead of a one-off prize raffle at the end of the day, keep your guests interested with smaller prizes given away sporadically. After the welcome reception, before the keynote speaker, after lunch…you get the idea. Every budget varies, but be sure to select prizes that people really want. Whether it’s a $25 gift card to a local coffee shop or a brand new stand-up paddleboard, we promise your team of event planning experts has an arsenal of great raffle ideas.


Choose a Unique Venue that Elevates Your Corporate Culture

Depending on the purpose of the event and the people in attendance, consider hosting the party at a local brewery, a private room in an upbeat restaurant, or a beautiful hotel banquet hall. There are countless amazing locations around Jacksonville and Port Orange – Daytona that your guests will love.

We work closely with many of the hotels, restaurants, and popular event venues across northeast Florida. Our Project Managers will work with you to select the perfect venue for the event you envision.

Planning a corporate event is a lot of pressure that you shouldn’t have to navigate alone. Keep the stress of event planning at bay by working with the Mugwump team. We’ve earned a reputation for innovation and honesty in the Jacksonville community for a reason. Chat with one of our event experts to experience the Mugwump difference!