3 Event Trends You Have To Try This Holiday Season

Right about now is when people all over Jacksonville start to consider their holiday plans. Where will you feast in November and open gifts in December? But just as importantly, is it your turn to host the holiday party of the season? If the answer to that last question is yes, Mugwump’s event planning professionals are here to help. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to throw an unforgettable party

Use Technology to Elevate Classic Elements

Decide early in the planning process to make your party anything but predictable this year. The best way to achieve that goal is to make use of modern event tech. No matter the scale or budget of your event, a designated hashtag is a great way to share experiences online. 


If you’re planning a large private or corporate event, live streaming through Facebook or another digital platform offers great value. When executed well, live streaming fun/important parts of your event is an affordable form of publicity for company-hosted holiday parties. Also, it’s a great way to include employees and friends who weren’t able to attend. 

Give Your Guests the Spaces to Mingle

Comfortable seating areas are a relatively new trend in the event space. Whether your holiday party is at your house or a large-scale venue in Jacksonville, furniture event rentals are a great way to make your guests feel right at home. 

A comfortable couch, plush chairs, and low-profile tables are a great way to encourage conversation at your event. Mugwump’s event designers work closely with you and your venue to locate the perfect spots to place these seating areas. Take a look at your contemporary and classic rental options here

Stray from the Traditional and Incorporate a Retro Theme

We bet your guests won’t expect this fun take on a holiday party! Retro event elements are such a fun way to encourage attendees to let loose and enjoy the evening. But what does a retro-themed party mean, exactly? 

Take the theme full circle with over-the-top decor and on-theme foods. A black and white checkered dance floor, vintage dessert favorites (think Twinkies and old-fashioned candy bars), and oversized 3D props are all essential to this fun theme. Weave in holiday elements like a large Christmas tree with retro-style ornaments or blast classic holiday songs from back in the day. 

A Great Holiday Parts Starts with the Right Team of Planners

That’s where Mugwump comes in. One of our favorite times of year to create great parties around Jacksonville is quickly approaching. Custom event rentals, expert event planning services, and professional floral arrangements are just a few of the in-house services we offer. 


It’s time to start planning your holiday party for 2019. Reach out to the Mugwump team to get started