Trending 2023 Modern Glam Furniture Collection

Modern Glam Furniture Collections for Your 2023 Events

Santa Clause knew you were planning events for next year and dropped off presents early in the shape of our new furniture collection!

The Modern Glam collection is filled with trending staple pieces and designs that will elevate the look and feel of your events.


  • This look includes our Santorini Chairs, Empire Coffee Table, Mia End Tables and the star of the show, the Belair Sofa.



  • This look includes our Adair End Tables, Mallory Coffee Table, Jackson Armchairs, and Sofa.
  • This look can be used in a variety of ways and is interchangeable with so many of our other pieces.
  • We also paired the Jackson Sofa with the Molly Ottoman and Santorini Armchairs.



  • This look includes the Malibu Sofa and Armchairs, Mallory Coffee Table, Zelda End Tables.
  • The versatility of the textures and colors allows it to be paired a variety of other pieces



  • This look includes the Oslo Sofa, Contessa Ottoman and Reflections End Tables.
  • Perfect for a soft seating area outside of the conference room or next to the bar during cocktail hour.



  • This look includes the Curved White Leather Chairs, Reflections End Tables and Nebula Coffee Table.
  • The Curved White Leather Chairs give you the ability to detach and place them a variety of different ways, to fit your vision.



  • This look includes Black Bentwood Chairs.
  • This chair brings a modern attitude to your event or dinner seating.


Gold ‘O’

  • This looks includes Gold ‘O’ Chairs.
  • The chair’s unique open back allows for your carefully thought out tablescape to shine through from any direction.


Silver ‘O’

  • This look includes Silver ‘O’ Chairs.
  • Like its gold sibling, the unique open back allows for décor details to pop through.


Lucite Parker

  • This look includes the Lucite Parker King Table and Lucite Chiavari Chairs.
  • These transparent pieces allow you to bring in any color or texture you desire for your event.


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