Trending 2023 Garden Chic Furniture Collection

Garden Chic Furniture Collections for Your 2023 Events

Santa Clause knew you were planning events for next year and dropped off presents early in the shape of our new furniture collection!

The Garden Chic collection is filled with trending staple pieces and designs that will elevate the look and feel of your events.


  • This look includes our Charleston Sofa and armchairs, Venetian coffee table, and luna end tables.
  • The Charleston was also paired with our unique Buggy coffee table
  • Our plush Kingston ottoman brings a soft look to the group.



  • This look includes our Moldavia Coffee Table and Walden Armchairs
  • Because of Walden’s shape it allows for the sitter to not slouch and makes it the perfect chair for a fireside chat or speaking panel.
  • Pair it with our Luna End Tables for a speaking panel stage set



  • This look includes our Jefferson armchairs, Moldavia, and Luna end tables.
  • The Jefferson’s high-winged back makes it a show stopper on a stage.



  • This look includes our Napa sofa, armchair, end tables, and coffee table.
  • Paired with greenery, you can almost imagine yourself in the vineyards in Napa.
  • Bring that fresh air to your next luncheon.



  • This look includes our white cross-back highboy stools
  • The perfect paired seating for an event that doesn’t require large dining tables



  • This look includes our Willow Back Chairs
  • These whimsical chairs bring the garden elements to your table.
  • Pair it with a colored seat cushion to match your theme.


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