Trending 2023 Bars and Accent Furniture

Bars and Accent Furniture Collection for Your 2023 Events

Santa Clause knew you were planning events for next year and dropped off presents early in the shape of our new furniture collection!

These bars and accent furniture are trending pieces and designs that will elevate the look and feel of your events.

Oyster Bar

  • Our oyster bar was made in-house with over 100 real oyster shells!
  • This bar is a perfect piece to bring in the freshwater, coastal feel to your event
  • Whether raw, steamed, or grilled, serving oysters is a trending catering choice for 2023!


Poker Chip Bar

  • Our poker chip bar was fabricated in-house with more than 100 poker chips!
  • This bar allows the casino theme to look seamless in your event space.


Disco Bar

  • Our disco bar was fabricated in-house and is ready for a party!
  • Each shimmery piece reflects light that will draw your guest’s attention!


Black Bar

  • Fabricated in-house, the Black Bar is sleek and stunning!


Lattice Bar

  • Our Lattice Bar looks like it came straight from the garden!
  • It is the perfect way to bring the feel of spring into your next event!


Amour Bookshelf

  • Our Amour bookshelf is crisp in its white and gold accents.
  • Use it as a bar back to display your liquor options
  • Or display floral and decor on it
  • the options are endless!


Hendricks Bookshelf

  • Made with sturdy wood, the Hendricks bookshelf will stand tall at your next event
  • Use it as bar backs or display decor on it for your guests
  • There is nothing it can’t do!


Let’s Start Planning Your Next Event!