The Big Question: Should You Stick with Tradition or Start Your Own Trend?

This question runs through the mind of every event host throughout history. Especially in the digital age of Pinterest, it’s so easy to stick with what’s comfortable when it comes to design, entertainment, and theme. While the comfortable choice is typically beautiful, it can also be boring. If you’re on the fence about which route to take with your event design, the Mugwump event professionals are here to help. Here’s everything you need to consider when making the choice between sticking with what you know or going outside your comfort zone:

Know Your Audience

Every event host and planner curates an event with the guests in mind. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate luncheon, the eventscape should cater to your audience. If your audience will be most pleased with a formal sit-down dinner and a string quartet, then it’s wise to incorporate these beloved elements. But if there’s any room in your plans to stray from the expected, we always encourage you to take that route. 

A couple subtle ideas for more conservative gatherings include:

  • Add a pop-up class to your event itinerary (examples include a 20-minute meditation, live dance instruction, and water-based painting)
  • Feature a contemporary art installation in a focal point of the venue


Blend Timeless Elements with Unique Additions

Being a trendsetter is a whole lot less intimidating than it sounds. We get it — it’s hard to come up with a brand new idea for your event that no one else has done. The good news is, you don’t have to. The best way to add your own unique touch is to borrow some elements from current trends. 

If you gravitate toward flower walls, for example, you can take your own approach and change the end result. An impressive alternative could be a beautiful walkway of flower arches or a Champagne wall lined with bottles and flutes. Pull a few pieces from your favorite trends to create an experience that’s just right for your event. 


Exceed All of Your Guests’ Expectations

We’ve all heard the cliche, “go big or go home”. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, our team believes in this mantra for every event we plan. You should go into your event planning process with the goal of creating the best event your guests have attended. Whether it’s a small gathering or a blowout bash, the best way to create a memorable event is to incorporate elements your guests don’t expect. 

Think about the best event you’ve ever experienced. Think about why it was so great. When you really break down the details, we can bet they ventured outside of the norm to give their guests an outstanding experience. 


Every Bold Event Starts with the Expertise of Mugwump Productions

We’re here for you, no matter your event ideas, budget, or size. If you have a few ideas up your sleeve, our team is ready to bring them to life. Reach out to Mugwump’s event experts today to get started.