What the Best Event Production Pros Do (and You Should, Too)

It takes an *expertly trained and well-educated* village to produce large-scale events. There are certain times it’s appropriate for you or your best friend to run the show, and then there are times best left to the professionals. If your event requires a large venue, event rentals, and live entertainment, our best advice is to partner with Jacksonville’s event production pros. Here are some tips and tricks you’ll pick up on when you work with Mugwump’s planning and production experts.

Custom Decor Creation is a Must for Events of All Budgets

You can always tell the difference between a professionally organized event and a DIY event. Both can create a great atmosphere and check all the boxes, but they each appeal to very different audiences. If you’re planning an event that must impress, custom decor is what will set your party apart.

One of Mugwump’s specialties is 3D props. On-trend flower walls and themed decor are favorites for parties of all budgets. Weddings, tailgate parties, and corporate events all benefit from unique creations that elevate specific themes.

Fully Transform the Venue Space to Elevate Your Theme

A great event planner considers every element of the venue. From the lighting to the floors, even the smallest aspects influence your guests’ experience. It’s important to combine modern technology and classic staples to create events like no other.

Large-scale art installments, colorful fabric treatments, and strategic lighting are all common ways to achieve an event vision. A successfully decorated space should encourage engagement and allow guests to escape from the stress of everyday life. Whichever space you choose, it’s our job to turn it into everything you imagine.

Select Specific Event Rentals and Lighting to Create the Setting of Your Dreams

Any skilled event planner will tell you the importance of high-quality lighting and curated event rentals. You can always rent individual chairs, strands of lighting, and 3D props. We recommend working with a professional to make sure all of the rentals merge together to achieve your ultimate goal.

Uplighting, string lights, and gobos lighting are forward-thinking favorites that each set a different tone. Combine these lighting accents with custom event rentals to create an atmosphere completely unique to your event.

Experience the Mugwump Productions Difference

The top event production pros in Jacksonville and around Florida have one thing in common — the belief that a great event starts with mastering the basics. If you put the time in to understand lighting, custom decor, and venue selection, you’ll have all the main elements of a great event.

For all of those details and more, partner with Mugwump Productions. Discuss your event vision with our team to get started.