The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning

Your boss just tasked you with the responsibility of throwing a big holiday party for the company. Before you begin to panic and call your mom for guidance, take a deep breath and delegate to an event planning professional. There are a million decisions that go into corporate event planning. From the drinks you serve to the napkins you select, every aspect of the planning process is tedious and extremely important. Don’t fret, because we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for throwing a corporate event in Jacksonville:

It’s always tempting to host the big event at a brand-new rooftop bar. While the views may be stellar, every other aspect might fall subpar for your attendees. It’s important to choose a venue that reflects your guests and the purpose of the event. 

Additionally, you must consider aspects like parking, capacity, and noise limits that all contribute to the overall experience. Partner with your event planner to choose a location that reflects your company culture and meets all event expectations.

Holiday parties are a difficult undertaking for many reasons, with busy schedules sitting at the top of that list. There’s a 100-percent chance your guests’ calendars are already beginning to book up for the holiday season. Not only that, you don’t want the day of your event to clash with a religious holiday or a big event in town. Everything from sporting events to school holidays will affect attendance. Do some thorough research on the date you have in mind before committing. Identifying important local dates is a big reason to work with an event planner that’s local to your area.

The last thing you want is to plan an awesome party but leave your attendees confused and frustrated. Designate an information platform that your guests can easily access. Whether you opt for a page on your company website or a periodic email with updates, it’s important to provide guests with the info they need. Will there be valet parking? What time does the event end? Should they bring cash for the bar? Don’t leave your attendees guessing.

Bringing a corporate event to life is a whole lot harder than any birthday celebration or dinner party you’ve thrown. Relieve yourself from the stress and reach out to the local professionals at Mugwump. 

“My experience with Mugwump Productions was absolutely AWESOME! The night of my event I was overwhelmed with the beauty your décor provided. The setup and takedown was flawless we didn’t need to worry about anything. I would definitely recommend [Mugwump] to all my friends and family!”

– Celeste M., Google Review


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