The Next Big Thing in Corporate Event Planning

Companies of all sizes have thrown galas, parties, and events for many decades. Although, not much has really changed in Jacksonville’s corporate event planning space for quite some time…until this year. 2019 has been an exciting year of design innovation and tech advancements at Mugwump. From modern decor trends to crazy-smart technology, we have all of the tools to bring your corporate event to the next level.


Fabric Treatments to Define the Event Space

It’s all about personalizing every aspect of your venue in 2019 and going into 2020. Fabric treatments of all colors and textures are a great way to elevate a theme and improve the look of a room. Drapery began as a romantic addition to weddings but has evolved into so much more.

Use elegant fabrics as the stage backdrop, lining the walls of a welcome area and across the ceiling of the main event space. This is one of our favorite design trends for corporate events held in hotels and convention centers.

Bold Tablescapes are a Departure from the Traditional

Black and white table setups may still be classic choices, but corporate event planners are seeing far more interest in daring decor. Many of our clients at Mugwump have begun to take their theme full circle with exciting table arrangements.

From using real fish tanks as table bases to choosing brightly patterned tablecloths, there are just no design rules when it comes to corporate event planning. The Mugwump corporate event planners love working with clients ready to try something new for their upcoming events.

Go Mobile with Your Pre-event Touch-Points

It’s no secret that your attendees want to be updated on event details leading up to the big day. Very few events benefit from keeping guests in the dark on crucial details. Use a Facebook event page, personalized emails, or automated texting to get in touch with the attendees.

Stay in touch about valuable info like parking instructions and food allergy requests in the easiest way possible — right on the smartphones of your guests.

Stay Ahead of the Trends with Jacksonville’s Corporate Event Planning Professionals

The Mugwump Productions team of Project Managers and Event Designers work together to bring top-notch events to life all along the First Coast. Whatever your needs for corporate event planning, we’re here to handle every aspect.

Are you ready to partner with our team for your upcoming event? Reach out to us today to get started.