Wedding Trends 2020

We love love. Every part of the engagement and wedding planning process should be as low-stress as possible for the couple. It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate with the people you love, and start to plan the best party of your entire life. Yes, we’re talking about your wedding! From your vows to the floral decor, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with the little details. As one of the leading event planning companies in Jacksonville, our Mugwump team has compiled a list of 2020 wedding trends to help ease your stress. 

Greenery that Goes Beyond the Table

Centerpieces will never, ever go out of style. With that being said, it’s time to venture out to other aspects of the venue with your floral decor. Flowing garlands of blooms trailing off the ends of the table onto the floor is a statement like no other. Work with Mugwump’s onsite florist to select flowers and greenery that are in season and won’t wilt during your reception. 


Petite bridal bouquets with a focus on greenery will take over the wedding scene. Expect to see Jacksonville brides flaunting small bouquets of white flowers with seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, and lamb’s ear accents. 

Strategic Lighting to Accentuate the Decor

The best way to set the tone for a ceremony and reception is to get smart about your lighting choices. Our wedding planners love to combine a few different lighting elements to create beautiful weddings all over Jacksonville. Event companies like ours forecast these illumination trends to take hold in the coming year:


Lighting rentals go far beyond votive candles and spotlights these days. Elegant lighting decor choices like crystal chandeliers, string lights, and fun colored lights can transform any venue into your perfect evening. Professional event companies also love to create custom monogram logos to project onto the dance floor during the reception. 

Professional Videography is the Best Way to Remember Your Day

One of the most important line items to include in your budget is a top-quality videographer. Jacksonville’s leading AV experts at Sight & Sound Productions provide video services for weddings of all sizes. It’s important to hire a professional with the right equipment and techniques to capture your big day. 


Transform the Space with Luxe Ceiling and Fabric Treatments

This trend may be last on the list but it’s certainly one of our favorites. Work with an event planner to beautifully incorporate fabric into different elements of your venue. Wrap tall columns, give the ceiling a new look, and create flowing drapes in fabrics of your favorite textures and colors. 

We love the look of fairy lights and fabric treatments to create a sanctuary-like outdoor reception. Work with your Mugwump wedding planner to get creative about every element of your wedding decor. No aspect (not even the ceiling) goes without a beautiful touch for weddings in 2020. 

Plan Your Dream Wedding with Mugwump Productions

You have many event companies to choose from in Jacksonville, but none can bring your vision to life like Mugwump. Our entire staff of planners, florists, and sound/lighting experts works together to produce beautiful weddings of all sizes and budgets. 


Contact the Mugwump wedding planning professionals today. And congratulations, again!