Event Entertainment for Audiences of All Ages

The entertainment for an event is a heavy contender in the race for best event features. It’s not always about the flowers, venue, or food (although, those are certainly close seconds!) All of that excitement around your entertainment choice comes with a whole lot of pressure. Great event planning starts with experienced, creative planners. For intimate wedding receptions to corporate casino parties and everything in between, look no further than the leading party professionals in Jacksonville, FL.

The Mugwump planning and decor experts specialize in events of all sizes for people of all ages. One of the most exciting aspects of our job is helping you choose the right entertainment. Decades of experience have proven that there’s a lot to consider before splurging on an entertainer.

There has never been a more relevant time in Jacksonville for creative drinking and dining experiences. Your prom, awards ceremony, or wedding will benefit from the excitement of imaginative tasting options. The Mugwump event planning team has a few favorite angles for this entertainment favorite:
  • Build Your Own ____: Fill in the blank with whatever fits the theme. Build your own banana splits, gourmet pizzas or oysters are all fun options for events of all kinds. This is perfect for parties with little ones in attendance.
  • Sommelier-Lead Wine Tasting: 21+ event attendees around Jacksonville really gravitate toward this option. Hire an expert to take your guests on a tour through vineyards and vinos from around the world. Take this one step further and raffle off an expensive bottle at the end of the evening.
  • Create a Food Truck Court: We can’t think of a better way to add a personal touch than with carefully curated food truck options. Food trucks are incredibly popular for FL weddings right now and are quickly picking up traction for corporate and private events (especially proms). It’s fun to choose two to three options that reflect your personality or the theme of the event.


You just can’t go wrong with talented musicians lighting up the stage. There are so many fun options that set the tone for attendees of every age at your event. Take a look at some of the exciting live music choices we’ve seen at local events:


  • Follow Your Theme: A buzzing mariachi band, lively jazz quartet or an 80s rock cover group are all great choices depending on your event theme.
  • Rotating Performances: Hiring a different musician for each part of your event is great for weddings and all-day corporate events. For example, event planning companies love a string trio for wedding ceremonies and an awesome DJ to really start the party at the reception.
  • Karaoke Keeps Spirits High: You might think this is only an option for kids’ parties. Trust us, it’s the perfect addition to any event (especially after drinks have been flowing for a while). A professional karaoke setup is fun to pull out in the last couple hours of your event. Recognizable ballads and awful-to-amazing singers will keep the party going until the very end.

It’s our job as event planners and designers to bring unexpected, amazing ideas to life for every client and event. Want to hear even more fun approaches to events with attendees of all ages? Chat with the Mugwump party professionals today.