Event Decor Case Study: Sawgrass Country Club 50th Anniversary


Event Decor Case Study: Sawgrass Country Club 50th Anniversary

At Mugwump Productions, we take pride in transforming our clients’ visions into unforgettable experiences. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Sawgrass Country Club on their 50th Anniversary celebration, showcasing our event decor team’s ability to blend innovative design with tradition seamlessly.

Client Vision & Initial Planning

The client’s vision for the 50th Anniversary event was grounded in celebrating the club’s rich history and tradition, appealing primarily to its 55+ demographic without being too extravagant. With a loose concept in mind, our task was to encapsulate 50 years of history in a memorable way that engaged every guest.

Creating the Atmosphere

From the moment guests arrived, we set the tone for an unforgettable evening. Attendees were greeted with live entertainment from an electric violinist, as well as personalized greetings from the general managers of each department as they made their way to the clubhouse. 

Collaborating with the club’s marketing department, the 50th-anniversary logo was prominently featured throughout the event space, including a tasteful display on the ground at the entrance to catch the eye of every guest as they entered.

As they entered the building, guests proceeded through the “Hallway of Time,” embarking on a visual journey through Sawgrass’s history that allowed them to connect with the club’s rich history. Carefully curated memorabilia lined the walls, displayed alongside a celebratory champagne tower.

Creating an Immersive Atmosphere

We transformed the clubhouse into four distinct areas, each designed to reflect a different side of Sawgrass Country Club. Our layout was strategically designed to encourage guests to explore and engage with each space.

The Speakeasy

Located in the clubhouse’s Pub, we carefully curated the Speakeasy to blend seamlessly with the club’s existing architecture. This space featured whimsical jazz music, intimate seating arrangements, and event decor such as golden tones and feathered martini glasses.

The Garden Party

Located on the outside patio, the Garden Party space welcomed guests with whimsical garden-inspired decor. Complete with string quartets, highboy tables, and comfortable lounge areas, it offered a summertime ambiance perfect for mingling and relaxation.

The Grand Ballroom

At the heart of it all, the Grand Ballroom stood as the centerpiece of the celebration. We honored the club’s heritage by incorporating the country club’s signature green, white, and gold color palette while infusing a modern twist with a centrally located bar and a spacious dance floor.

The ballroom was designed to accommodate both intimate conversations and lively dancing, ensuring that every guest could fully engage in the celebration. We created this elegant space for a brief awards ceremony, followed by a cocktail reception.

The Glow Party

Adding a modern twist to the celebration, our team organized a glow party on the clubhouse lawn. Complete with glow dancers, light-up tricks, and a DJ, this lively outdoor event provided a fun contrast to the classic vibes indoors. The party was enchanting at dusk, featuring comfortable lounge areas that allowed guests to enjoy the picturesque sunset and glowing decorations.


Innovative Event Decor with a Touch of Tradition

One of the evening’s standout features was a giant floating orb displaying the club’s 50th-anniversary logo. Visible from various points around the venue, it gradually rose throughout the night, creating a memorable visual centerpiece.

50th Sawgrass Anniversary Event

Each detail was carefully planned, from the strategic placement of seating to the thoughtful selection of decor items. This careful attention ensured a seamless blend of old and new, honoring the club’s heritage while celebrating its milestone anniversary in style.

Collaboration and Coordination

Our team collaborated closely with the Sawgrass Country Club team to ensure seamless coordination and execution. The event presented several logistical challenges, such as coordinating the removal and reinstallation of existing furniture and managing a single service entrance for all vendor load-ins and outs.

However, our detailed planning and comprehensive walkthroughs with every department ensured smooth transitions and addressed every detail. This proactive approach and strong relationship with the client allowed us to anticipate their needs and provide peace of mind throughout the planning process.

A Successful Outcome

The event was a huge success, leaving the client highly impressed by the clubhouse’s complete transformation. Staff and members alike were particularly touched by the subtle nods to history incorporated throughout the design.

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